Gramercy might simply be thought of as just another development. In reality, it is part of a rich urban mixture of brownstones, condos, patio homes, institutional buildings, and retail shops, all reinforcing each other. A place full of distinctions allowing anyone to Live, Work and Play within a matter of feet from each other.

Named for Manhattan's famed Gramercy Park, Meridian's Gramercy is its first destination community, where shopping, dining, business and home life merge into one. It is this diverse mix of amenities that creates a unique and personal event... something for everyone, the experience that is Gramercy.

Located in the heart of Treasure Valley activity off Overland road between Eagle road and Locus Grove, Gramercy, what urban living should be, a sense of place where you can truly Live, Work, Play.


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Luxury Apartments in Gramercy Park, Meridian Idaho


ECHO School of Dance is a state-of-the-art studio providing meaningful dance education for all ages and abilities.


Broadview University's Campus director loves our neighbors. So will you!